The best feeling is when it just works!

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The best feeling is when it just works!

Being a non-profit executive director is no easy job. I've learned some hard lessons early in my career as I browsed the internet desperately looking for resources, tools, ideas, and solutions.

What I found was an overwhelm of information from big-city experts. They had fundraising committees, HR departments, and assistants. It simply didn’t match the world I was working in, often as a one-person show. I needed practical and real solutions for running a small-team, small-budget, non-profit.

Where could I go to learn? There is no non-profit school. So, I began to design my own collection of resources to help executive directors develop the systems and processes needed to run a non-profit. Not just any non-profit, but the ones outside the big cities, without the big teams, and without the big budgets.

As I wrap up the year, I’d love to hear your feedback about the information I shared over the last 12 months.

Please take a few minutes to fill out THIS SHORT SURVEY to let me know if the information you learned was useful, and to tell me what would best support you in the months ahead.

Cheers to you, my friend. Doing the work to make your non-profit the best it can be! It has been my pleasure to be able to provide a few ideas along the way.

Have a very happy holiday!!



Here's that survey link one more time: CLICK HERE.

Hi, I'm Christie. I help executive directors develop the systems and processes needed to run a non-profit.

I learned early in my career, there is no non-profit school. Browsing the internet for resources from big-city experts doesn’t provide practical solutions to balance the budget, write a work plan, or conduct an employee evaluation. Leadership development tips don’t really resonate when you are also taking out the recycling and cleaning the washroom.

I created so non-profit leaders never need to wonder how to do the job – no matter how big or small that job is.

I have been the executive director of small-team, small-budget, non-profits for 20+ years. My experience isn’t theory. It is the real, operational, and practical solutions I use every day.

I love my work and I want to help you love yours too.

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