Non-Profit Planning Cycle Guide

GuidesWe all read annual reports from non-profits that have been around for years, and admire their successful programs, all the clients they serve, and the well-crafted strategic goals they develop and achieve each year. 

How do they do it?

There is a planning cycle that a non-profit can use each year to make the process easier. Not only easier to accomplish, but easier to repeat year after year.

Once the process is flowing smoothly, a non-profit can easily connect to the wants and needs of clients, stakeholders, and members. From there, goals and outcomes can be developed and used to plan the programs and services that will be run for the year. Feedback from programs and services can be collected and compiled along with other data to feed into the next planning session.

It becomes a beautiful, sustainable, cycle.

The steps in the planning cycle don’t need to be complicated or hard. Everything can be accomplished with guided questions and a basic understanding of the flow from one step to the next.

This FREE guide explains each of those steps.

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Governing Policies That Grow with You

GuidesThe board of a non-profit has a complex job. It is accountable to the stakeholders to meet the strategic goals, while at the same time governing the organization and monitoring management.

Non-profit board members rarely come to the position with a wealth of governance knowledge. Couple that with board members being employed in jobs not connected to the non-profit, and there will be little time to research, write, implement, and evaluate the policies needed to govern.

Rather than create a mixed bag collection of policies, a non-profit board can use a four-quadrant governing policies framework, to stay organized and to use a structure that is easily updated as the non-profit grows or hires a paid staff team.

This FREE guide explains each of the four quadrants and the policies they might include.

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What's Your Type? The Four Common Types of Non-Profit Boards.

GuidesThere is a natural evolution as a non-profit ages. In the early days, when there is no budget for paid staff, board members handle all the tasks. Over time, budgets grow, employees are hired, and duties are transferred from the board to the paid team.

The relationship between a board of directors and a non-profit's staff team is most successful when roles and responsibilities are clear. Clarity starts with an understanding of the type of board the non-profit has now, and a plan for the type of board it wants to create in the years ahead.

This FREE guide explains the four most common types of non-profit boards.

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