Hi! I'm Christie.

I help executive directors develop the systems and processes needed to run a non-profit.

I learned early in my career that there is no non-profit school. Browsing the internet for resources from large-team experts simply doesn't work when you are a one-person show. Leadership development tips don't help when you need practical solutions to balance the budget, write a work plan, or conduct an employee evaluation.

I want your path to be easier.

I created ChristieSaas.com so executive directors never need to wonder how to do the job.

I have been the executive director of small-team, small-budget, non-profits for 20+ years. My experience isn’t theory. It is based on real operational solutions.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a Certificate in Local Government Administration. I’m a certified facilitator, a former board member, a current executive director, and a non-profit volunteer.

YOU are the reason behind everything I’ve developed. I love my work and I want to help you love yours too.

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