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A workbook for non-profit executive directors to write a strategic plan with, or without, the board.

Executive directors have many reasons to want to write their own strategic plan.

It might be an old plan that desperately needs to be updated. It might be a board that doesn’t want, or have an interest in creating, a new plan. It might be a desire to demonstrate how a new plan can be beneficial.

Regardless of the reason, an executive director can rarely pull thousands of dollars out of the budget to hire someone to write a plan. They need to have the tools to write a strategic plan, at any time, on their own.

That’s why I wrote this e-book.

  • To provide executive directors with a clear step-by-step process to create a strategic plan on their own.
  • To remove the mystery about how to use a strategic plan so executive directors can guide their organization to grow and thrive, year after year.
  • To help executive directors get to the finish line of a usable strategic plan as quickly, and affordably, as possible.

If users read through the instructions for each step, record answers on the worksheets provided, reference the examples for extra help, and work at their own pace, it will result in a finished strategic plan that can be used right away.

This e-book is a strategic planning session in workbook form. It will require work by the reader. This is not a template to plug in a few words and get a plan.

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Shop The Executive Director's Agenda Playbook: Create an agenda for any meeting.

Confidently create an agenda for any meeting.

When a group needs an agenda, they are going to look to the executive director to ‘pull something together’ on a moment’s notice.

When meetings run long, attendees are confused, or topics don’t seem relevant, the group is going to look to the executive director to ‘fix’ the agenda.

When the meeting chair wants an agenda they can follow like a script, there is an expectation the executive director will provide it.

That’s a lot to ask. That’s also why I wrote this e-book.

  • To provide executive directors with the foundational structure for the three most common types of agendas – for board, staff, or volunteer meetings.
  • To provide executive directors with easy-to-follow agenda examples, AND a version of each example to customize and use right away.
  • To provide a simple one-page cheat-sheet to tuck away for fast and easy reference.

This e-book is designed to be a tool executive directors can use immediately, and a resource to go back to year after year. The concepts are easy to follow, and examples are included

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