A 5-Question Social Media Audit

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A 5-Question Social Media Audit

Social media is everywhere. It has become a major communication tool both personally and professionally. But with multiple platforms and increasing pressure to be available 24/7, it can be easy for a non-profit to jump into more social media than it can handle.

Once the reality sets in of designing posts in all the social media sizes, then writing copy, and scheduling release dates, someone will very likely be overwhelmed.

5 questions to audit a non-profit’s social media plans.

Before an employee is forced to choose between spending time on priority-focused work, or shooting a video for the latest dance trend, ask these 5 questions.

1 - Who is going to do the work?

How big is the staff team? We all know non-profits are very over-worked and terribly under-funded. There’s usually more work than there is staff to do it, or hours in the day. If a board member or a volunteer suggests a non-profit should join a social media platform, pause before answering. Do they mean they want a non-profit staffer to set-up and run the account? Or are they volunteering their time?

Before proceeding, find the right person to handle your non-profit’s social media presence.

2 - Who knows how to use social media?

We’ve all become so comfortable scrolling through our feeds while relaxing at the end of the night. A business page is very different from a personal profile. Suddenly there are page administrators, page owners, emergency access administrators, shared passwords, individual passwords, and possible linkages to personal accounts.

Before proceeding, make certain the person handling a non-profit’s social media knows how to run a business account.

3 - Which social media tool(s) will you use?

We all have our favourite platforms. We might use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family but prefer TikTok for personal entertainment. Our personal preferences don’t factor into this decision. It is much more important to know what platforms the non-profits clients and stakeholders use, and that might take some research to find out.

Before proceeding, undertake a little research to learn the favourite platforms of the clients and stakeholders the non-profit will be trying to reach.

4 - What information will you share/post on social media?

Think about the images used on posters, the stories shared with sponsors, or the information used in a presentation. Social media doesn’t require new content, every day. It is OK to start small and expand posting schedules as staff become more comfortable preparing material to fit social media specifications.

Before proceeding, bring together the people who will be responsible for posting on social media, and discuss what sorts of items will be shared.

5 - What policies will you follow for social media content?

The last step before a non-profit jumps into joining the social media wave, is to create a policy. A policy needs to guide allowable/prohibited content, tone, getting consent for images, adhering to copyright, logos, writing style, and which employees have access to social media accounts.

Before proceeding, draft a policy outlining all the do’s and don’ts for posting on the non-profit social media pages.

Social media can be lots of fun and a great way to take your non-profit’s mission/vision/values out to a whole new audience. With a little planning, a good balance of the workload, and some old-fashioned common sense, a non-profit can thrive on social media.

Split up the work. Everyone takes one of the 5 questions.

Ready to jump on the social media wave? Here’s a recap of the 5-question audit.

  1. Decide who will do the work.
  2. Find someone who understands social media for businesses.
  3. Determine what social media platforms clients and stakeholders use the most.
  4. Decide what information will be shared on social media.
  5. Write a policy for the do’s and don’ts when posting for the non-profit.

When a non-profit wants to join the social media wave, a little planning and a solid policy will keep things fun and not overwhelming. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my ideas. My mission is to take the mystery out of running a small non-profit. If you know someone who needs to read this, why not grab the link, and share it with them. Let’s work together to keep the social media workload reasonable.


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