Planning for a New Member of the Team

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Planning for a New Member of the Team

I'm Hiring Again [groan]

Today I learned that one of my direct reports will be going on maternity leave. In Canada, that means they can be away for up to 18 months. So..., I'll be hiring again. It is a lot of work and I don't love it, but that's the job.

It got me thinking I should update the job description, but you know what? I read it, and it still works. Yay. THAT got me thinking about a post from January 2018. I re-read that post, and you know what? IT still works. Yay, again.

So, this week I'm sharing a previous post, My Easy Recipe for the Perfect Job Description. I love it when I look for a tool I created years ago and find it is still really useful, no changes. I think it will work for you too.

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