Strategic Plan Essentials for Non-Profit Executive Directors

A 3-week program to write a stratgic plan for your non-profit.

  • Tie goals and outcomes to the wants and needs of clients, members, and stakeholders.
  • Plan programs to align with strategic goals.
  • Track data to determine success.
  • Collect feedback for next year.

In 3 weeks you will have a finished strategic plan built on the wants and needs of clients, members and stakeholders, a year’s worth of planned programs/services, and an understanding of how to collect the data to feed the next planning cycle.

I am looking for a small group to beta test the program before the official release. In exchange for your comments on the program, you’ll receive the program at a 50% discount, and I’ll provide 2 private 30-minute calls to answer your questions. Sign up when you join the wait list.